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"Only the powerful force of prayer and reparative penance will be able to save the world from what the justice of God has prepared because of its obstinate refusal to accept every demand for repentance.....With prayer you are always able to snatch back from the enemy whatever territory he has conquered; to make blossoms of goodness spring up on the desert of sin and evil; and especially you can free an immense number of souls whom Satan has succeeded in imprisoning. Prayer possesses a potent force and starts a chain reaction in good that is far more powerful than any atomic reaction."

Messages given by Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi (To the Priests: Our Lady's Beloved Sons)


Prayers, Chaplets and Novenas


The Brown Scapular

"To find life, one must lose life; to be born, one must die; to save oneself, one must take up the cross."


St. Benedict Medal

The Divine Mercy


The Rosary


Catholics and Mary - Catholics and the Rosary


Essential Messages for Mankind - Medjugorje




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"Recollection and prayer are the seeds of a good life; and a good life is the path of a holy death."