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(Prayer for Inner Healing)


Lord Jesus, if you will it, You can heal my soul and my body. Jesus, have mercy upon me and have mercy upon all those who are now praying to You. Look at my wounds, O Jesus. Heal them O Lord and send upon me Your Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus Christ I believe that You are truly here now. I trust in You and I love You above all else. I ask You to bless me and to bless this place. Grant me the gift of prayer. With Your Sacred Blood wash me of my sins. Free me from fear and remove from me everything which stands in my way to You.

Lord Jesus, You have promised to send upon us the Holy Spirit to teach us. Come O most Holy Spirit and fill me with Your strength. Come and teach me. Come and enlighten me. Jesus, may the power of Your Holy Spirit work in us and in the Church and may it make all things new.

Lord Jesus, at this moment I present to You all of my past. Into Your hands I give to You my entire life and everything in it from the moment of my conception.

You know best all of the inadequacies which remain in me from my parents and grandparents. Heal them O Lord. I thank You for my mother and father. I forgive them everything and I ask You to forgive them each even the least of their lack of love towards me. Save them all and bring them into heaven so that they may rejoice with You.

Jesus, in complete trust and confidence in You, my God and my Savior I give You all of my future. I do not know what awaits me in life, but You do. Lead me Lord.

At this moment, I bring You my present so that it too may belong only to You. I surrender to You my spirit, my soul and my body, my reason and will, my heart and my blood, my feelings and all of my mental abilities.

Please receive all of my work and rest, my successes and failures, my plans and justifiable desires, my habits and all my dependencies. I ask You to receive and to grant all of my prayers and all of my good intentions.

Jesus, I give You all of my sins from childhood to today. I am sorry my Jesus, for having sinned so often thus offending You my God. You know that I am weak and sinful. I sincerely repent for each of my sins.

Now here before You, I renounce all sin, all bad thoughts, words and deeds. I renounce all lack of faith, grumbling, cursing, immorality and lack of friendship. I renounce the occult, fortune telling, acts of magic and all fear.

Jesus, thank You for hearing my prayer. Thank You for loving me and for desiring to help me. Thank You for accepting me just as I am. Thank You for knowing that I want to be different and that I desire to live as You want me to live.

With the strength of Your grace, I accept this life, O Jesus, and thank God for each gift. I ask You for forgiveness for not always having had accepted life and that what life had brought me in accordance with Your desires. I was angry and rebelled. I do not desire to be like this anymore and I ask for Your help.

I accept myself as I truly am. I forgive myself all that which I was not able to forgive myself up to now. You know of all those difficult and agonizing moments of life. You have forgiven me everything and that is why I forgive myself.

From now on I desire to live in the light of faith and in the ambiance of Your grace. In this instance, I forgive everyone who has ever offended me, whether consciously or unconsciously. Forgive them Jesus.

With living faith and complete trust, I pray to You Lord Jesus with Your most Sacred Blood cleanse me from all sin. Remove from me every insufficiency and everything that separates me from You. I ask You to free me from every sinful dependency, from every curse and damnation, free me from every sexual dependency, from demonic influences and chains.

Free me from all works of magic, card reading, palm reading, superstition and magic.

Free me from idolatry and from all evil influence, from anger, from preoccupation of greater or lesser value.

Free me from all temptation to criticize others and to speak ill of them.

Free me from the tobacco dependency and excessive dependency on alcohol.

Free me and heal me from every sinful habit.

Jesus, You are my great brother. You are my God and Master. You are my best healer and doctor. You are the one who will never betray me.

Thank You for Your goodness and meekness. With living faith and complete trust I turn to You my good Jesus. Help my weak faith. Heal my lukewarm faith. Renew and amplify it. Grant me an endless trust and confidence in You. Give me that faith which You sought from Your contemporaries.

Strengthen and make firm my hope. Grant that I may hope that You will be able to turn every negative situation into good.

Enkindle the fire of Your Divine love in us towards You, Your Father and the Holy Spirit and towards our brothers and sisters. Grant that love may lead us in all our undertakings, our work and our life.

Thank You Lord Jesus for having taken all of our sins, our illnesses and suffering upon yourself. In this way You have reconciled us with God and we are miraculously redeemed and saved through You most Holy wounds. Even today, You heal and restore us with the strength of Your grace which You had earned for us through Your wounds.

Filled with faith and trust we pray to You to place Your Divine hand upon us and to heal our broken hearts. Place Your Holy hand on each of our wounds that hurt and torment us. Say just one word and every wound shall be healed. Just one word is sufficient. You are the Almighty God. Heal Lord Jesus my ailing body. Heal each wound on my suffering body.

Through Your Holy Cross and Your Precious Blood which You shed for us, and through the power of Your Holy wounds, heal and cure our soul, our psyche and our spirit.

Through the crown of thorns and the pain You have suffered, heal every ailment of the head, mind, spine and nerves. Place Your Divine hand on us and with Your Divine light and power heal every tumor and incurable illness. May all of the centers of my being which God has given me from the very beginning be set right.

Touch my ears with Your fingers and heal them so that I hay hear You and accept Your Word.

Through Your wounds You suffered in the hands and the feet take from us all ailments of the joints, muscles and bones.

Jesus just say one word and all of my sick limbs shall gain new strength. Extend Your hand and touch every sick part of my skin so that I may be cleansed and healed.

May the water which flowed from Your side cleanse us and renew us. May it become a blessing.

Strengthen our heart, purify the blood and heal all blood ailments.

Thank You Jesus! Amen.

"Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls"